Pro MMA Gloves

In the world of MMA there are two kinds of fighters; pros and amateurs. Each of them have their own style of fighting and rules. Obviously amateur fighters are limited to the type of fighting that they are allowed to use during competitions. While pro fighters are granted more moves and a different style of fighting that allows them
to attack their opponent with the hardest force.

Because the fighting is slightly different the gloves are also different. Amateur and Pro MMA gloves are slightly different in the way that they are designed. But in other ways they are exactly the same. Pro MMA gloves are designed with the open palm and fingers to allow the glove to have proper ventilation and to give the fighter’s a chance to have full mobility.

The wrist hook and loop band is used to make sure that the gloves are securely on the fighter’s hand. But it also makes sure that it does not stay on too tight to cut off any circulation.

The difference between amateur and pro MMA gloves lies in the padding that surround the top of the hands. Because amateurs are still beginners and still need hours of practice it is important to make sure that they are protected enough so that no one gets seriously injured.

Pro MMA gloves have a certain amount of padding that is made using special foam that works to protect their hands. But it does not take away from the power of the punch and will affect their opponent.