MMA Fight Gloves

Many of us will make the decision to compete in the world of MMA fighting. This requires hours of dedication, proper dieting, and exercise. This can push us to be our possible best and to be in the best shape that we will ever be in. It also requires the use of the right gear.

MMA fight gloves are designed to protect with padding that will protect our hands during the fight – but still enable us to deal a harsh blow to our opponent in the hopes of a knockout. All of these fight gloves have open fingers and an open palm for better hand movement. Fighters cannot afford to have their hands restricted or they will not be able to submit their opponent.

There are several different types of MMA fight gloves available that include; amateur, pro, and regular competition. One of the main differences you will find in amateur and pro fight gloves is the amount of padding that is used. Amateurs are limited in the type of fighting that they are allowed and require more protection than pro fighters.

Regular competition gloves are designed with a quarter of an inch of padding that is used to cover the backhand and knuckle sections of the hand. These gloves are used during Pride Fighting Championship, WEC, Ultimate Fighting Championship, and Untamed