Fairtex MMA Gloves

There are dozens of companies that sell MMA gloves – but only a few of them are considered to be of high quality. Fairtex manufactures and markets just such gloves. They specialize in producing MMA grappling gloves that are considered to be some of the best and easiest to use on the market. They have also been creating equipment
and gear for MMA since its conception.

There are a wide variety of Fairtex MMA gloves that are built differently, with different colors, sizes, and for different people. The gloves that Fairtex make will assist you to compete against your opponent no matter what style of fighting you have. However, they do specialize more in grappling gloves than any other type.

There are two very common Fairtex MMA gloves that they sell and which people usually choose to use. They are the FGV 10 and the FGV 15 sparring gloves.

The FGV 10 Fairtex MMA gloves is a type of ultimate NHB glove that is built with a thumb loop. The fingers have been split at the base to allow for proper ventilation and to allow the fighter to have full use of their hands and fingers.

Each finger is long to help provide the proper amount of protection that is needed for the knuckles. A three layer foam core is used to protect the fighter’s hand. This particular glove is also built with a nylon water resistant lining for when the fighter’s sweat.

The FGV 15 Fairtex sparring gloves are a type of NHB sparring gloves that is built with an open palm and double hook and loop wrist wrap. This allows the fighter to move around with ease and to keep the glove on the fighter’s hands without being too tight. Around the knuckles is a pre curved extra thick high impact foam to protect the fighter’s against injuries.