Century MMA Gloves

By far the most popular and well respected brand of MMA gloves come from Century. Century has been manufacturing martial arts gear since 1976. Because of their high quality products and affordable prices they have earned the spot of being the most respected companies and creating some of the world’s best products for this sport.

The goal of Century is to create MMA gloves that will help to improve the martial arts world and the sport itself. Without the proper gear students are not able to learn how to defend themselves and spar in the right manner. Teachers of MMA have taught thousands of their students how to discipline their minds and bodies. Every product from Century goes to improving their form and body work while in training and competing.

Century MMA gloves are available in dozens of different styles to match your way of fighting. They come available for men, women, and children in various colors and sizes. The specially designed MMA gloves are made using polyurethane and sectional padding. These help to make it more durable and able to absorb the shocks that you block.

These specific Century MMA gloves also have an open thumb as well as wrist bands that wrap around. This helps the fighter to remain to never lose their grip on their opponent and to ensure that the glove does not slip off while in combat. Also there is high quality and dense foam that is used to cover both the fingers and the back of the hands.

The price of Century MMA gloves range from $14 to $70. This price will vary depending on who you are purchasing them for (kids or adults) and whether or not you are purchasing the fighting style or training style gloves.